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COLORBAR- 091 Date Night – LUXE NAIL LACQUER With Calcium and Biotin


This dazzling array of 6 glittery polishes is designed to ignite the flames of love and make your nails sparkle with the magic of romance. Each shade whispers a unique love story, allowing you to express your feelings in a vibrant and glamorous way

Let’s have a glitter party, anytime, anywhere, with 6 magical shades

● Ignite Passion with My Valentine 87: This fiery red hue, as vibrant as your burning love, reflects the intensity of your passion.
● Indulge in Sweetness with Girlfriends 88: Bathe your nails in the delicate shimmer of pink with Girlfriends 88.
● Embrace the Magic with Cupid’s Kiss 89: Capture the ethereal beauty of love with Cupid’s Kiss 89.
● Revel in Timeless Elegance with Tender Love 90: Celebrate the enduring beauty of love with Tender Love 90.
● Sparkle on Your First Date Night with Date Night 91: Elevate your manicure to a dazzling celebration of romance with Date Night 91.
● Dress Your Nails in Decadent Allure with Old Romance 92: Exude timeless elegance and sophistication with Old Romance 92.

Weight 12 g