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Beardo Beard & Mustache Wax – Extra Strong (50g)

Whisk her away with your style!

Extraordinary gentlemen who have shunned the use of trimmers and razors have the opportunity to caress, shape and style their beards and mustaches as they desire! If you belong to that league of the extraordinaire, consider yourself fortunate! Your styled facial mane can speak volumes about you. Give your beard the best it can get with a beard wax formula that stays on longer than any other! Going for a decent corporate look or a dapper style for party tonight? This wax styles your beard and mustache to perfection. Use Beardo’s Beard & Mustache Wax – Extra Strong because class never goes out of fashion!

Extra strong is uber stylish

Beardo Beard & Mustache Wax is a great styling agent, which styles your frizzy, unmanageable facial hair. Presence of choicest ingredients like Coconut oil, Castor oil, perfume, liquid paraffin & menthol benefits your hair, making the product more valuable. So, fret no more from dry, rough, frizzy and scraggly hair. Beardo Beard & Mustache Wax-Extra Strong, one of the best men’s grooming products, is here to get a strong hold on your facial hair for you to make an impact.

Weight 050 g