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Beardo Godfather Beard Wash for men, 100ml |

  • DONT WASH YOUR BEARD WITH FACE WASH / BODY WASH / SHAMPOO!: Washing your beard with ANYTHING other than a Beard Wash makes the beard dry and lifeless. Use the RIGHT tool for the Right JOB! Get Beardo’s Godfather Beard Wash made specifically for use on your BEARD.
  • Maintains Hydration Levels of the Beard: Godfather Beardwash uses a unique blend of natural oils with glycerin that effectively cleanses and moisturises your beard and sking without stripping them of essential hydrators.
  • You SHOULDN’T refuse to Godfather Beard Wash: Use Beardo’s Godfather Beard Wash for a HEALTHIER, LONGER, THICKER, SHINIER, SOFTER BEARD. It is made using naturally derived oils like avocado, castor and argan that nourishes and strengthens hair roots to boost your beard health.
  • RICH LATHER: Simply apply through wet beard to produce a rich lather that deeply cleanses the beard and can be rinsed away with minimum effort. Apply beard wash and massage thoroughly using water and let the lather do the rest.
  • REFRESHING FRAGRANCE: This fresh scented wash is gentle yet effective in keeping your beard healthy and shiny with a revitalising and invigorating after-use effect.
Weight 100 g