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Beardo Hair Wax Strong Hold Crystal Gel Wax (100g)

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Crystal Gel Wax for a Crystal-clear shine​

Getting high-hold with the right shine is not easy. As a result, Beardo brings you the best hair wax for men to get the shine to match your swagger. Made using the rare Crystal Gel technology, it stays on for as long as you want! Once applied the hair wax doesn’t loosen grip and ensures perfect long-lasting hair​​

The power of crystals for stronger hair!​

The biggest concern men have while using hair gels and hair waxes is that the grip loosens after a while of being out and about. Well, that is precisely the reason Beardo created this wax using crystal gel technology. Once you put it on, you could face the harshest environment and you would look perfect no matter what! For a more malleable look you can also opt for the Beardo Crème Power Styling Wax or pick any other hair products from our hair products range!​


Weight 100 g