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Beardo Max Sunscreen Spray SPF-50 (50ml)

SUN’s out – Are you ready to Face it?

Get your hands on the easy and instant sun protection with the BEARDO MAX DEFENSE SUNSCREEN SPRAY with SPF50 & PA+++. The invisible sun spray consist of high UVA and UVB protection  without leaving any white resedues on the skin. The easy to use spray bottle makes application super simple. So just spray and FACE THE SUN.

What does SPF 50 mean?
SPF 50:- Beardo Sunscreen Spray has an SPF of 50, which blocks out 99% of UVB rays which cause sunburns and skin cancer

What does PA+++ mean?
PA+++ :-grade protection means it’s the best possible defense against harmful UVA rays, which cause photoaging, wrinkles and pigmentation

Can I apply it in the winter?
Re-apply every 2 hours and it is recommended to use on all seasons throughout the year

How to use the sunscreen?
Apply liberally and massage over exposed areas

What if I spray it in my eyes or mouth?
If sprayed into the eyes or mouth, rinse with water immediately and seek the help of a physician

When to apply sunscreen?
Apply Sunscreen 15 minutes before Sun Exposure

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