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Beardo Ultraglow Facewash for Men (100ml)

Go with the glow​!

Who says that a clear and glowing skin is a farfetched dream? Your favorite Ultraglow Facewash is now NEW AND IMPROVED which stands out from other ordinary face washes for men. With a uniquely improved formula specially targeted for men’s tough skin, it doesn’t just remove the dirt and dead cells that gather on your skin all through the day due to pollution but also brightens & balances the natural oils on your skin.

Level up your glow game.

Use Beardo’s Ultraglow facewash to cleanse your skin from within. Level up your glow game with ultraglow face cream to with lighter formulation which penetrates deep into the skin. Armed with spf 30- this duo is the answer to your skincare woes!

Weight 100 g