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Beardo Whisky Smoke Perfume EDP – 100ml


Success smells like Whiskey smoke

Pour yourself a brilliantly boozy concoction called Beardo Whiskey Smoke Eau de Parfum. Its unique and intense aroma is sure raise your bar (pun intended!). This utterly masculine fragrance from Beardo is strong, long-lasting that lets you be outlandish with ultimate sophistication.

A whiff of indulgence

Your quest for rare, exotic, and distinctive fragrance ends with Beardo Whiskey Smoke Eau De Parfum for men. This artisanal perfume features a unique blend of fragrance from Whiskey along with exotic Oud wood, Tobacco, Cinnamon and indulgent Vanilla. To call this perfume strong and long-lasting would be an understatement, this fragrance is for them who want to get noticed and make bold entrances wherever they go.

Weight 100 g