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Chicco – Diaper Rash Cream (100g)

The Chicco Diaper Rash cream is another beautiful product from the Baby Moments Range. It is prepared using a unique formula of 10 percent zinc oxide, allantoin, and pro-vitamin B5 to soothe your baby’s sensitive areas and protect them from skin irritation and rashes.

Features of the product:

● Natural ingredients: The Chicco Diaper Rash Cream uses vegetarian ingredients of active natural origin. Hence, the products are safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. The use of almond oil and glycerine ensures to keep the baby’s skin moisturized.
● No use of chemicals: The Chicco Diaper Rash Cream is free from parabens, SLS, SLES, dyes, alcohol, colour, and synthetic mineral oil. It implies that the product does not contain any harmful ingredients that irritate your babies’ skin and cause rashes.
● Safe and gentle formulations: The products from Chicco Baby Moments Range are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin to ensure no allergic reaction on the skin. Hence, they guarantee maximum gentleness on the baby’s skin.
● Zinc oxide and Panthenol regenerative formula: The formula of Diaper rash cream is made with Zinc oxide (10%), allantoin, and panthenol, also known as pro-vitamin B5, to give complete protection against rashes and repair baby’s delicate skin by creating a breathable barrier.
● Quickly absorbs and no clogging: Chicco baby moments rich cream is very effective as it gets absorbed rapidly and does not clog the skin pores of your infant.

Description of the product:

The Chicco baby diaper rash cream comes in a tube with an open flip cap. Hence, the packaging is travel-friendly and hygienic. The Chicco baby nappy cream is an ideal product to use after each nappy change. It contains ingredients of active natural origin. Free from harsh chemicals like parabens, SLS, SLES, dyes, alcohol, colour, mineral oil, and allergen fragrance, the Chicco Diaper Rash Cream is dermatologically tested. It is the best baby nappy rash cream available for your little one.

Consumer Benefits:

● The Chicco Diaper Rash Cream contains a scientifically created regenerative formula of 10% zinc oxide, allantoin, and pro-vitamin B5 to protect the baby’s skin from rashes and repairs it as well. During the beginning months of life, the baby’s skin is susceptible and thin. It makes it excessively vulnerable to external agents like bacteria and allergens. Using a specifically formulated product like the Chicco diaper rash cream is necessary to protect the baby’s skin from irritation-causing agents.
● It comprises natural ingredients such as shea butter and glycerine to nourish the baby’s skin and protect it from dryness. To avoid these dry patches, the use of Chicco nappy cream forms an essential part of your baby’s daily routine.
● The Chicco baby diaper rash cream contains zinc oxide, and it creates a breathable layer on the skin, and panthenol contributes to skin regeneration. Thus, it gives a shielding effect and protects the skin against rashes and inflammation.

About Chicco Diaper Cream

Are you wondering why to choose the Chicco baby nappy cream? Well, we at Chicco aim to treat you not as our customers but as our own family. We understand that parenting is a responsible job. Our goal is to act as a helping hand and to be a part of your extraordinary journey. Therefore, we take extra care while designing products for you. Keeping in mind everything that matters to you and your baby, we formulate the best products for your baby. We have designed products that are all-natural and devoid of all harmful chemicals and substances.

Along with preventing rashes, the Chicco diaper rash cream cures any previous rash infections as well. If you are looking to buy nappy cream for your baby, Chicco baby nappy cream is the best. With the use of Chicco diaper rash cream, nappy care moments can turn happy and soothing!

Good to know:

For best results, it is advised to use the Chicco nappy cream after every nappy change. Please follow the steps given below for using the product.
● Remove the soiled diaper.
● Gently wipe the area with a clean and damp microfiber cloth or towel. You can also wash the skin thoroughly with water. Let the skin air dry.
● Take a generous amount of Chicco nappy cream in your hands.
● Apply a thick layer of it to the area. Do not rub the cream. Just apply a thick layer.
● Make the baby wear a fresh diaper.
To make your journey fun and interesting, we are here to guide you with the best products as a solution to all your problems.

It gives us immense pleasure when the parents make us a part of their beautiful journey. We love to take care of your children. Have faith in the quality we provide to you because we test the products from all aspects before supplying them. Visit Chicco’s website to get more products and enjoy your journey as a parent. Create and enjoy little moments with your babies while we are here to take care of your every need as a parent.

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