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Chicco – Gentle Body Wash And Shampoo (200ml)

The Chicco gentle body wash and shampoo give a rich, delicate and moisturizing wash to the baby’s hair and skin. It is specially formulated for your baby to have a moisturizing bath every day.

Features of the product:

● Baby moments range: Chicco baby moments is a complete range of safe and gentle products covering different moments in a baby’s life, starting from the bath, change, fragrance moments to take care of your baby’s sensitive and delicate skin from the first days of life. All products are made with carefully selected natural and vegetarian ingredients to take care of your baby’s skin in the gentlest possible way.
● Goodness to both hair and skin: Chicco baby moments gentle body wash and shampoo comes with the goodness of rich oat extract and glycerine, which gently cleanses, moisturizes, and softens the baby’s delicate hair and skin from the very first moments.
● Benefits of oats: The natural extracts of oats help retain scalp moisture level to maintain your baby’s hair’s soft and smooth texture. The omega-6 fatty present in oats aid in the healthy growth of a baby’s hair, whereas its antioxidant property helps moisturize and soothe the skin.
● Gentle soft skin and hair: Chicco baby moments body wash and shampoo are prepared using oat extracts and glycerine, which helps nourish the baby’s skin and hair. Chicco baby moments body wash and shampoo also cleanse the skin and hair, preventing dryness and moisture loss leading to soft hair and skin after every wash.
● Vegetarian origin: made with specific natural and vegetarian ingredients to give gentle and safe babies’ skin from the first use.
● Safe and gentle formulations: entirely safe for baby’s skin and are parabens, SLS, SLES, dyes, alcohol, colour-free and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin to ensure the maximum gentleness and safety’s skin ensure the ultimate gentleness and safety on baby’s skin.

Product Description:

Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo formulated to cleanse baby’s delicate hair and skin gently
• Enriched with the soothing and softening properties of Oats to provide rich and gentle care to baby’s hair and skin and making your baby’s bathing moments a loving one
• Specially formulated for new-borns to suit all types of skin
• Specific ingredients of vegetarian origin
• Enriched with glycerine to keep the baby’s skin hydrated
• Safety First: Free from Parabens, SLS, SLES, dyes, alcohol and artificial colours. Dermatologically tested

Consumer benefits:

Chicco Baby Moments is a complete range of baby care products right from birth. It covers different moments in a baby’s life. It takes care of the baby’s skin and hairs from bathing, changing, skincare, fragrance.

There are several benefits of using baby hair shampoo and wash. Some of them described below:
● Gentle cleansing: Baby top to toe body wash and shampoo gently cleanses the hairs and body of babies without causing any harm to them. It contains mild ingredients suitable for the baby’s body and hair. It maintains the moisture level of the scalp and prevents excessive drying.
● No tears formula: A baby shampoo and wash contains no tear formula for being safer on your baby’s eye. Its ingredients will not cause any harm to the baby.
● Pleasant Fragrance: Applying baby shampoo and wash on the hairs and the body will leave a pleasing fragrance in your baby’s inches and body. A sweet aroma will add beauty and attraction to your baby.
● Softer hairs: The hairs of the babes are smooth and soft. Applying paraben-free shampoo will make it even soft and smoother.

About Chicco body wash and shampoo:

The Chicco body wash and shampoos get your baby all clean in just one formula. Gently clean your baby’s skin and hair with Chicco body wash and shampoo. This gentle formula contains a natural extract that cleans without drying. It is specially formulated for the baby’s soft and smooth skin. The hairs of the baby are tiny and delicate. They need proper grooming and attention. Baby complete body wash and shampoo is a mild formula for the soft and soothing hair and scalp of the baby. The neutral pH formula makes it ideal for the hair of babies. Tear and soap-free formula make it convenient to use for the baby daily.

The Chicco baby shampoo and wash are available in three different quantities. They are:

● Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo 200ml
● Delicate Body Wash and Shampoo 100ml
● Soft Body Wash and Shampoo 500ml

Chicco’s body wash and shampoo are the best baby shampoo and baby wash to provide good skincare and hair care to your little one. The no more tears shampoo makes the bathing time memorable for the babies. For the everyday maintenance of your little one, choose Chicco body wash and shampoo. Give your baby a no-tear formula to enjoy the bathing time. Many more options are available from Chicco to provide skin and hair care for your little one. Chicco products aim at the complete safety of the little ones. With no additive artificial colours and alcohol, we provide you with completely organic products for the babies.

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