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Chicco – No Tears Bathing Gel Relax (500ml)

Watching your babies enjoying their bathing time with No-tears is a fun-filled experience. Make their fun time more special with the best baby gel. The Chicco bathing gel gives a complete nourishing and moisturizing bath from the first day. So give your child a No-tear bath and let them enjoy their bathing moment.

Features of the product:
● Refreshing, Calming, soothing effect: it comes with extracts and oil that are safe and has inflammatory properties. It gives a refreshing, calming and soothing effect to the baby’s skin which an ordinary soap cannot give.
● Safe: Parabens-free baby gel is safe with no harmful effects on the skin.
● Moisturizes: the baby gel moisturizes the baby’s skin and keeps it soft and gentle.
● Tear-free and natural fragrance: The tear-free formula makes it comfortable to use for babies. After a bath, a natural fragrance gives the body of the baby a sweet aroma.
● Gentle cleansing: Gentle cleaning with baby gel makes the baby’s skin soft and smooth, keeping it hydrated.

Product description:
Ordinary soaps and cleansers can cause a slight dryness on the soft skin of babies. The soap-free bathing gel is a new solution for moisturizing baby baths every day. Enriched with the high moisturizing properties of glycerine, it gives ultra-soft and smooth skin. The Chicco baby moments soap-free bathing gel gives a rich and moisturizing baby bath. With different fragrances variants, it gives your baby a unique protecting fragrance feel after a bath. Chicco bathing gel gives a complete bathing experience that is filled with various mesmerizing aromas every day. It is an excellent moisturizer and skin conditioner which gives soothing, smooth, and soft skin after the bath. With its safe and gentle formulations, it is entirely safe for the babies’ skin. Moreover, it gives the baby a tear-free bath to enjoy the bathing time.

Consumer benefits:
The benefits of using baby soap-free body wash are described below.
● Moisturizing bath: Ordinary Soaps and cleansers can be harsh on the baby’s skin. It can cause dryness on the skin after the bath. Chicco Soap free bathing specially formulated for babies is a new age solution for your baby’s skin. It gives a moisturizing bath every day. It is Enriched with the properties of glycerine and pot; marigold gives a soft and smooth skin.
● Tear-free bath: Ordinary soaps and cleansers contain SLS and SLES, which irritate the baby’s eye during bath. Chicco Baby soap-free body wash is a soap-free formulation that gives a tear-free bath every day. Give your baby a tear-free bathing experience with No-more tear shampoo and gel.
● Hygienic to use: Soaps and cleansers are challenging to apply on a baby’s skin as babies never sit in one position while taking a bath. Moreover, soaps are sometimes kept open, which can attract dust particles. It can cause irritation or dryness in the baby’s eyes. Chicco Soap free bathing gel is easy to use and rinse. It comes in a bottle with a lid and pump.
● Mesmerizing fragrances flavours: Chicco Baby bath gel comes in mesmerizing fragrances that give a beautiful aroma after bath. It makes the baby feel pleasant, soothing and relaxing after the bath.
● Vegetarian origin: The Chicco baby bathing gel is made with specific natural and vegetarian ingredients to give gentle and safe baby skin from the first day of use.

The No-tears bathing gel gives a wholly soothing and moisturizing bath to the baby’s skin. It has a sweet fragrance to soothe your baby. It has a talcum fragrance to provide freshness to the baby. It protects and gives an entirely soothing and moisturizing bath to the baby’s skin. It has a pot marigold fragrance to give softness to your baby. The bathing gel refresh gives an altogether soothing and moisturizing bath to the baby’s skin.

About Chicco bathing gel:
The bathing gel is available in 100ml, 200ml, and 500ml sizes to select from. Every parent wants to have the baby’s skin to be soft and gentle from the first bath. Chicco bathing gel gives complete nourishment and locks the moisture from the first day of use. The different range of Chicco bathing gel allows you to select as per the choice. The bathing gel is an essential product to choose to give the baby a tear bathing moment.

Chicco bathing gel gives a soothing and moisturizing tear-free bath. Chicco bathing gel is available in 3 mesmerizing fragrances in different quantities. They are:
● No-tears bathing gel relax
● No-tears bathing gel refresh
● No-tears bathing gel protect

Chicco baby moments provide a complete range of baby products to suit the baby’s soft and gentle skin. Chicco bathing gel is popular in India, along with 150 other companies. Get the best products for your little ones to give them the best skin care. We provide you with safe products for your little munchkin’s soft and gentle skin with no additive colours and dyes. Chicco has products that suit the needs and requirements of a child. It is well-known for its top-quality product. These provide ease to the mother in giving a tear-free bath to the baby.

Tips to use:
Step 1: pump out a small amount of liquid on your hands.
Step 2: Moisten it with water and apply it to the baby’s skin.
Step 3: Gently massage for soft and smooth skin.

Weight 500 g