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Chicco – No Tears Shampoo (500ml)


Chicco Baby Moments is a finished scope of protected and delicate items covering various minutes in a child’s day-to-day existence beginning from Bath, change, skincare, scent to deal with your infant’s sensitive and fragile skin from the main long stretches of life.

Product Features:

● Active and natural ingredients: Enriched with pot marigold, which is known for its conditioning properties, holds the scalp’s moisture level in this way, keeping the scalp hydrated goes about as a characteristic conditioner along these lines making hair smooth and delicate and stops hair tangling. It has been added with the goodness of glycerine; the shampoo deeply nourishes the baby’s hair and prevents moisture loss from the baby’s scalp.
● High tolerability tested: The Chicco no tears shampoo respects the physiological pH of the baby’s skin.
● Without parabens: Chicco baby moments no tears shampoo has no added alcohols and dyes. It does not contain soap which could be harsh towards the scalp. This special no tears shampoo is designed to be hypoallergenic, i.e., they have been formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.
● Approved by doctors: The products have been tried under clinical supervision by eminent independent establishments to determine their adequacy and tolerability, getting phenomenal outcomes.
● Tangle-free hair: Chicco baby moments No-tears Shampoo is advanced with pot marigold that goes about as a typical conditioner for an infant’s scalp and stops tangling of infant’s hair.
● Vegetarian origin: Made with graphic elements of characteristic and vegan beginning to give delicate and safe child’s skin from the absolute first use.
● Safe and Gentle formulations: Completely ok for child’s skin and is parabens, SLS, SLES, colours, liquor, shading free and dermatologically tried on hypersensitive skin to guarantee the most extreme delicacy and safety on infant’s skin.

Product Description:

Chicco baby moments no tears shampoo is present with a rich nourishing formula for your baby’s soft, smooth tangle-free hair. It contains characteristic dynamic fixings like pot marigold and glycerine for magnificent moulding, purifying, and supporting the child’s sensitive hair. It keeps a hydrated scalp by preventing dryness & moisture loss. The ingredients that have been included in its manufacture are of vegetarian origin. It contains no parabens, alcohol, dyes, SLS, SLES, colour, etc. It consists of an allergen-free fragrance that is relatively light since the baby should not be exposed to strong scents. The product is 100% dermatologically tested for any problem. The available sizes are in 100 ml, 200 ml, and 500 ml packs.

Consumer Benefits

● Chicco’s no tears shampoo is planned to clean the infant’s delicate and soft hair tenderly.
● Enhanced with the softening, rich conditioning, and moisturizing properties of Pot marigold, the shampoo stops tangling the infant’s hair, keeps the scalp hydrated, and leaves delicate and smooth hair each day. It tenderly cleans the infant’s fine and soft hair.
● The ingredients of the equation have been very carefully chosen and utilized in balanced concentrations guaranteeing an ideal cleaning for the infant’s delicate and smooth skin while guaranteeing the most extraordinary delicacy.
● It leaves the hair soft, fragrant, and simple to brush. It rinses off without any problem.
● It doesn’t irritate your child’s eyes. Chicco’s most high need is guaranteeing the quality and security of our items. Our items go through massive testing during improvement and creation before they go available.

Chicco no tears shampoo is the best shampoo available for your little one. It is entirely safe and secure for the baby. The Chicco company hires experts to design unique products that provide maximum comfort to the baby and their parents. We ensure to look after their negligible requirements to rely on us whenever they need. For many years, Chicco has been a part of the beautiful journey of parenting. We are delighted to become a part of your memories and work hard every day to make them better. Enjoy your beautiful journey as a parent while we are here to take care of all your needs.


A very young infant does not need shampoo or soap to be used in its body. Instead, you should use shampoos only when the baby is more than two months old, and you feel it is safe for your baby to start bathing him/her with a shampoo.

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