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Look like magic day and night with this incredibly versatile palette. Grab your wands and mix and match 28 highly pigmented mattes, pearly shimmers and frosty metallic hues for soft, long-lasting looks. The mattes are formulated to be super smooth and blendable, the striking shimmers have a velvety texture while the metallic hues give a light-shifting finishing touch. Add this to your arsenals, dear pixies and go from classic to fun in just a swipe!

What Makes It Magical

• 28 super pigmented, long-lasting eyeshadow shades, that let you switch from classy to fun
• Highly blendable and smooth, work like magic for infinite eye looks
• The different shades intensify, define and illuminate the look of your eyes for any occasion
• The magical shades contain wet & dry powder-coated pigments to create both eyeshadow and eyeliner looks
• The matte shadows are infused with Glossy Ester which help build the color intensity
• The metallic shades contain luminous pearls for a polished effect that plays with the light, and add a crystal filter like effect

How To Use

Apply the lightest shade over the entire eyelid to create a base. Blend any medium shade from the outer corner to the centre of the eyelid and into the crease. Pick a deep shade and apply along the top and bottom lash lines. Blend the same into the outer corner and crease. Bring in the drama by topping the lid with any shimmer/marble shade to finish the look.

Magic tip: Blending is key to applying eyeshadow that makes anyone give you a second glance. So make sure there are no harsh lines!

Weight 28 g