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Pick this book of spells and the world shall eye only you! This 24 shades palette transforms your look in a jiffy. Ranging from enticing eyeshadows to captivating blushers, highlighters and contour, these long-lasting shades are formulated to be super smooth & blendable. The mix of powerful mattes and striking shimmers have a velvety texture while the metallic hues give light-shifting finishing touch. Cast your everlasting spells of vivid colors and brilliance day and night!

What Makes It Magical

• 24 super pigmented, long-lasting eyeshadow, blush, highlighter and contour shades
• Highly blendable and smooth, work like magic for infinite eye looks
• The different shades intensify, define and illuminate the look of your eyes for any occasion
• The magical shades contain wet & dry powder-coated pigments to create both eyeshadow and eyeliner looks
• The matte shadows are infused with Glossy Ester which help build the color intensity
• The metallic shades contain luminous pearls for a polished effect that plays with the light, and gives a crystal filter like effect
• Rosy blush shades enhance the natural pink flush under the skin and add a glow

• The buttery highlighters create a magical blurring effect and photo-finish radiance
Shimmers have the perfect velvety texture

Weight 28 g