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A Cloud cream textured overnight sleeping mask providing a subtle plump & glow to your skin, leaving a soft velvety after feel. This vitamin packed nutrient rich overnight mask is an effective multitasker which works to fight signs of ageing, hydrate & moisturise the skin while making the skin firmer, brighter & plumper.
Enriched with Vitamin A (Retinol, Active from Germany), a well-known potent antioxidant which helps improve cell turnover & boost collagen which help reduce signs of ageing. Vitamin C (Active from Switzerland) helps brighten & rebalance uneven skin tone. Vitamin B3(Niacinamide, Active from Switzerland) helps reinforce skin protective barrier, reduces appearance of enlarged pores, blemishes & helps fade pigmentation. Peptides (Active from USA) reduce fine lines & wrinkles while improving firmness & Elasticity.
Combination of Saccharide Isomerate, Organic Hemp seed Oil & Hyaluronic Acid provide deep moisturisation & hydration for a well-balanced healthy skin!


• Harnessing the power of HEMP SEED OIL + VITAMIN C to RESTORE and BALANCE your skin from within.
• Hemp sleeping mask helps additional benefit of calming & relaxing effect on skin.
• Deep nourishing benefits with high performance & high efficacy giving a whole new sensorial experience.
• A miracle, multi-functional oil that does it all – regulates sebum, relaxes skin, attracts moisture and works exceptionally well in combination with other ingredients to boost their performance!
• Vitamin C* & Pomegranate Extract* sourced from Switzerland – for anti-ageing skin benefits which leave the skin healthy, lively and provides skin repair & restoration
• Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Peptides – Act as a natural powerhouse for skin
• Actives from Switzerland, Germany, USA
• Our entire range in Gender Neutral.

How to use

Take the desired amount and apply it directly on your face and neck massaging it in circular motion. Use it as the last step of night time skincare routine.

Weight 50 g