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Forever52 Two Way Cake – A007 – 12gm

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For a skin that likes to breathe. Presenting the all new Daily Life Forever52 Skin Care Two Way Cake, to solve all your oily skin problems. It is sure to give you a healthy and matte look, along with protection from harsh sun rays. A must have for the season; this Satin Skin Powder is a boon for oily skin people. It gives you the dream matte finish that you desire, at the same time making your skin glow from within. Its lightweight formula imparts a soft, smooth finish. The long-lasting formula keeps your face fresh for hours and the excellent coverage minimizes your minor imperfections. This season, go satin matte!


  • Double creamy formula
  • Provides a non cakey and oil free finish
  • Water-resistant, silky, long-lasting formula
  • Offers an excellent coverage
  • Grants a uniform skin tone

How To Use:

Dab the powder all over your face with the provided sponge applicator in the product. Blend it in smaller circular motion for an even coverage.

Weight 12 g