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Vita Hemp Clay Mask is made with Brazilian green clay, actives from Switzerland and USA, Natural Extracts which makes it a rich blend for skin detoxification. The mask helps to purify and deep cleanse the skin by exfoliating dead skin, extracting oil and dirt from the skin pores, thus leaving the skin clear, fresh and rejuvenated.
Enriched with Nourishing & Hydrating ingredients such as Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil from Germany, Moroccan Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Pentavitin & Hyaluronic Acid help maintain optimum skin hydration & moisturise levels.
Brazilian green clay contains intense levels of naturally occurring minerals which reduce oiliness of the skin and also acts as an astringent to remove impurities and detoxifying the skin.
Colla-Gain from Switzerland is a two-component based active ingredient derived from the flower of the Pomegranate with sodium ascorbyl phosphate (Stable form of Vitamin C Derivative), both widely known for their antioxidant activity. It accelerates rejuvenation activities which enhances the overall efficiency of this mask to boost skin restoration and reveal skin’s natural glow!


• Harnessing the power of HEMP SEED OIL + VITAMIN C to RESTORE and BALANCE your skin from within.
• Hemp clay mask helps to remove impurities and excess oils, with additional benefit of calming & relaxing effect on skin.
• Deep cleansing benefits with high performance & high efficacy giving a whole new sensorial experience.
• A miracle, multi-functional oil that does it all – regulates sebum, relaxes skin, attracts moisture and works exceptionally well in combination with other ingredients to boost their performance!
• Vitamin C* & Pomegranate Extract* sourced from Switzerland – for anti-ageing skin benefits which leave the skin healthy, lively and provides skin repair & restoration
• Moroccan Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Pentavitin & Hyaluronic Acid – Act as a natural powerhouse for skin
• Actives from Switzerland and USA*
• Our entire range in Gender Neutral.

How to use

Take the product on a clean brush and layer it all over face and neck. Leave it till it dries completely and wipe off with moist cotton pad.

Weight 50 g