• For multiple applications, cut your hair, then apply the wax stick directly to the area to be controlled or styled. Or apply it on your hands to make the texture and shape even. To look fuller, start with the scalp and work up to the end of the hair.
  • For All Kind of Hairs – Hair wax stick provides amazing hold and provides a silky shine to hair, it is not greasy, sticky and no leave white residue. It can be used on wigs and natural hair of all types.
  • Wax sticks are the perfect for men, trying to make the appearance bland, creating a loose hairstyle with texture and figure, while avoiding a greasy appearance, and achieving a natural look while imparting natural resistance.
  • Soft Styling – This natural hair wax is not frizzy and does not harden, supple hair, enhance luster, keep the best condition throughout the day.
  • Long Lasting – Edge Control for all day long, has a light sweet & floral scent, make your hair a little shine but Non Greasy & Non-sticky, medium hold styling.
  • Healthy & Gentle – The hair wax stick content of 100% natural plant ingredients such as Beeswax, Avocado Essencel, Vitamin E deeply nourish hair, repair damage, restore elasticity, delay aging, super-long moisturizing, and say goodbye to dry hair! Can be used by women & children.