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Jovees – Anjeer & Carrot Sun Block Spf-45 (100g)


Ideal for medium-fair to dark-skinned people spending 2-4 hours in the sun or in the pool, this water-based, sweatproof, and waterproof Sun Block protects the skin from UVA+UVB rays while maintaining the moisture balance.


The nutrients and vitamins found in figs help balance sebum production.

It increases hydration and keeps the skin free from wrinkles and premature aging.

Carrot extract provides vitamin C and beta carotene, two antioxidants that may protect your skin from damage.

How To Use

  • Cleanse your face with a face wash, followed by a toner and a moisturiser.
  • Squeeze out a coin-sized amount of the product on your palm.
  • Apply all over your face and neck using small circular motions.
  • Keep a gap of 15-30 minutes between application and stepping out. For best results, reapply after every 2 hours.



Ficus enhances skin’s hydration by preventing water loss from skin’s uppermost layers and visibly improves skin tone regulating the enzyme that produces dark spots.


Wild Carrot, or Daucus Carota, repairs skin damage, tones muscles and tissue, and tightens skin to prevent it from sagging.


The antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties of sandalwood help in removing suntan, acne, blackheads, and dark spots, while adding a moisturising effect.

Weight 100 g


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