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“Get ready to steal the show with the Glitterati face palette! This isn’t just your average palette, it’s a six-in-one powerhouse that’s here to glam up your life. From those silky contours sculpting those cheekbones to the illuminating shades that give your features that flawless pop, this palette has it all. The blush? Oh, it’s the secret to that perfect cheek flush, while the shadows help tell a captivating story with your eyes. A palette so versatile that it carries your look from day to night, even when you’re on the go! Crafted to perfection so that every moment and occasions is a glamourous one. Its effortless to use and easy to blend with the most intense colour payoff so you can say goodbye to the clutter of a make-up bag! Available in two shades, Day Queen and Night Diva, suitable for all skin types, the Glitterati face palette lets you unleash the glamour and set trends wherever you go. This Glitterati face palette is the ultimate beauty powerhouse! It’s not just a palette; it’s a six-in-one beauty genie that transforms every look into pure glamour. Get ready to step into the spotlight and own every moment with this ultimate beauty game-changer.”

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Weight 14 g
Lakme-face palette