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Lakmé Jewel Sindoor, Maroon

  • LAKME LIQUID SINDOOR FOR THE MODERN WOMAN: Lakme Jewel Sindoor is a liquid sindoor in maroon shade. It is easy to apply and a highly pigmented liquid. Avoid a swipe or a series of dabs – perfect for regular use without spoiling any other make-up.
  • EASY TO USE APPLICATOR: This Lakme liquid kumkum is developed for easy application even when you are in a rush to start your day right. This sindoor comes with a sponge tip applicator which enables you to quickly and easily apply your sindoor without any residue on your fingers.
  • HIGH PRECISION: Sindoor application can be very messy, especially if it is powder sindoor that has to be applied with your hands. Lakme Jewel Liquid Sindoor allows you a highly precise application due to its formulation and a well-designed applicator.
  • LONG-LASTING: Lakme’s maroon sindoor liquid is formulated to last you for a long time. You can use this sindoor and feel free to take on a hectic day with multiple meetings, chores, or self-care activities without having to worry about touching up your sindoor.
  • SMUDGE PROOF: Lakme Jewel Liquid Sindoor is formulated for a smudge proof stay, increasing the longevity of the applied sindoor. Lakme liquid sindoor is also quick drying which further reduces the chances of smudging it while it is still drying and you are in a rush.
  • MAROON SINDOOR: Sindoors and mangalsutra have made a major comeback for young married women. The deep colour of this Maroon sindoor liquid is inspired from the actual shade of the powder but it’s much easier to carry! Also, maroon is a colour of depth, force, and passion.