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L’oreal Paris – Uv Defender Serum Protector Sunscreen Spf 50+, Bright & Clear (50ml)

Do you know that daily UV exposure without daily sunscreen protection contributes up to 75% of skin aging? Protect your skin with the L’Oreal Paris UV Defender UV Serum Protector. This sunscreen prevents aging caused by UV exposure! This face sun cream is a hydrating sunscreen that prevents fine lines, dark spots and dullness. The L’Oreal Paris sunscreen for the face is made of a non-greasy formula with no residue, no shine and is non-sticky to the skin. The UV Defender Serum Protector comes with a powerful combination of SPF 50+ PA++++ broad spectrum protection against UVA, UVB and long range UV. A creamy, lightweight brightening sunscreen formula, L’Oreal Paris UV Defender Bright & Clear UV Serum Protector comes with the skin brightening ingredient niacinamide. With the use of sunscreen with niacinamide, your skin immediately becomes instantly brighter and protected from UV rays. This sunscreen is best suited for dull skin.


  • Get bright and clear skin: With the L’Oreal Paris UV Defender Serum Protector Sunscreen SPF 50+ get bright and clear skin instantly.
  • With SPF 50+ PA+++ broad spectrum protection: This SPF 50 sunscreen protects skin from UVA, UVB and long range UV.
  • Prevents early signs of aging: Use this sunscreen lotion daily to prevent wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots caused by unprotected UV exposure.
  • With brightening ingredients niacinamide: Experience instant skin brightening, with the L’Oreal Paris UV Defender Bright & Clear. This sunscreen with niacinamide ensures your skin is brighter while protected from UV rays.
  • Creamy, lightweight brightening sunscreen formula: This sunblock is non-greasy and has a formula that leaves no residue, shine or stickiness

How To Use

Use this sunscreen for women and men after your usual routine of cleanser, serum and cream every morning for visible results. Use a generous amount for maximum protection.

Weight 50 g


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