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Minimalist Retinol 0.3% Face Serum – 30ml


Powerful Anti-aging Serum for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

A highly stable & powerful anti-aging face serum packed with Retinol and antioxidant Coenzyme Q10. This water-free serum keeps Retinol stable & also nourishes skin.

What makes it special

  • Contains 0.3% pure Retinol in water-free formulation. Retinol is proven to fade fine lines & wrinkles, even skin tone and smoothen skin
  • Packed with potent antioxidants. Coenzyme Q10 is an outstanding radical scavenger and visibly reduces wrinkle depth. It is coupled with Tocopherol (Vitamin E), another antioxidant, that nourishes & repairs skin
  • Boosted with 1% pure Bakuchiol Oil which in some studies has shown to have similar benefits as Retinol without any irritation. This combination makes it a powerful anti-aging serum
  • Retinol is an unstable molecule and it oxidizes in presence of water or light. This product is water-free and uses Squalane as based ingredient. Also this serum comes in a UV Protective bottle, which makes this a highly stable retinol
  • All ingredients are sourced from top quality suppliers. Retinol from BASF, Germany and Coenzyme Q10 from Selco, Germany
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Skin concerns it targets

Fine lines · Wrinkles · Loss of elasticity

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Suitable for

All skin types

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Fragrance free · Essential Oil Free · Non-comedogenic

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Not applicable (as this is a water free formula)

How to use

Apply on cleansed face after your water based serums, and before moisturizer. Use of sunscreen is highly recommended while using this product.

When to use: PM. Start with every alternate day and after 2 weeks of usage, use it everyday. 

Weight 30 g