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Nivea Men Face Wash, All In 1 Charcoal, To Detoxify & Refresh Skin With 10x Vitamin C Effect (100gm)


Get rid of oiliness and reduce acne with NIVEA MEN All-in-1 Face Wash. The formula enriched with natural charcoal extracts provides long lasting oil control effect to reduce acne. It deeply cleanses your skin making it smooth and the cooling menthol leaves you feeling refreshed. Ideal for acne prone and oily skin.

Key Features:

Deep cleansing: The face wash cleans skin and eliminates dirt and impurities

Acne control: The natural charcoal formula removes excess oil and reduces acne

Refreshed skin: Cooling menthol gives you fresh purified skin with refreshed feeling


About the Brand: NIVEA MEN understands the specifics of men’s skin by offering a range of technologically advanced skincare with effective nature-inspired and skin-friendly ingredients to help men look and feel their very best. NIVEA MEN have been a true partner and trusted wingman accompanying men on their journey since 1922 and will continue to do so now and into the future.


Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your palm and lather up.

Massage over wet face avoiding the eye area.

Rinse off with clean water and pat dry.

Use twice daily for best results.


Key Ingredients: Natural Charcoal Extracts And Menthol.

Weight 100 g