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  • De-Tan – Naturally occurring Licorice Extract brightens your skin and the de-tanning agent in the mask removes the tanned layers
  • Anti-Pollution – The anti-oxidants present fight the pollution-free radicals and do not let them attach to the skin. This reduces inflammation and acne formation.
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types; Applied For Tan Removal. Paraben Free: Yes
  • Directions: Wipe the face with wet cotton and clean it with a cleanser. Apply Ozone De-Tan all over the face and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Gently massage with circular movements and then remove the cream with wet cotton.
  • Package Contents: 1 De-Tan Pack 250 G

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Ozone De-tan Facial Cleanser is a unique blend of organic activators that deeply gets absorbed in your skin and gives it a glossy appearance. Natural extracts give your skin a supple touch and plump shine.

Tan is something we can’t avoid in India when most of the time it’s sunny & hot. I am not much of a DIY person and rely on ready-made products that take care of such issues. Getting rid of tan has become easier with Ozone Ayurvedics D-Tan Facial Cleanser.

A cooling and clarifying, a soap-free herbal preparation that gently yet effectively cleanses the tender facial skin, unclogging pores to remove hidden impurities without making the skin dry or rough. First Organic Actives enriched D tan cleanser, the antioxidants Cucumber and Shea Butter neutralize the damage caused to skin by free radicals and UV sun rays. Lactic acid, an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) removes dead cells, softens and refines skin texture reducing fine lines and wrinkles. With astringent action, the cleanser tones and soothes skin, reducing inflammation and lightening complexion by preventing melanin accumulation.

Ozone Ayurvedics D-Tan Facial Cleanser comes in a big 250 ground tub. The cleanser is creamy and non-greasy in texture. It is thick and you wouldn’t need more than twice a pea size amount for the entire face & neck.

You have to use this product once a week only. As it is mentioned in the product, so as not to use regularly. First, dampen your hands followed by taking a small amount of cleanser. Rub the palm to foam some lather. Apply the product on your face and neck and wash it off as a facewash.

The consistency of the product is quite good. It is not so flowy, just like a face pack. It looks like a bleaching cream, with lots of bubbles present. to me, it smells like bleach. if you ignore the smell, it works well.

Don’t keep it on the face for a long period. As it is a cleanser that helps in D-tanning. So use it as mentioned on the bottle or the cover.

I have been using this product for the past 2 weeks. The tans on my face has reduced a lot. My skin has become softer and the black spots on my face have also reduced. I would recommend it to everyone if you are tanned. Do use it once a week As a cleanser and get the instant result. There are lots of home remedies, but this gives an instant result, really happy.

herbal product(no side effect)
used once a week
d-tan your skin
gives a glowing skin

Weight 250 g