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PILGRIM-Swiss Aqua Rush™ 12 HA Serum


Experience a burst of luxurious hydration with our stunning blue Swiss Aqua Rush™12HA serum, infused with 12 types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and copper tripeptide beads. Blended with Swiss Aqua Rush™, a proprietary complex infused with a unique Swiss glacial extract, the serum provides unparalleled, long-lasting hydration that goes beyond the surface. This innovative formulation is designed with High, Medium, and Low Molecular Weight HAs, each offering unique benefits. High Molecular Weight HA forms a protective film, shielding from environmental stressors. Medium Molecular Weight HA strengthens the skin barrier, while Low Molecular Weight HA penetrates deeper, providing intense hydration and improving elasticity. Delivering multi-layer hydration, including surface moisture, barrier reinforcement, and dermal hydration. Regular use reveals glowing, hydrated, plump, and remarkably smooth skin. Lock in moisture deep within your skin and experience the transformative power of the Swiss Aqua Rush™ 12HA serum!

Weight 30 g