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Chicco Talcum Powder – 150gm

It consists of all the natural ingredients to ensure soothing and refreshing skin. It gives a breathable layer on the skin, giving way for easy air circulation. It is dermatologically tested and completely safe for your little one.

Features of the Talcum powder:
1. Baby Moments range:- We understand your fear as a mother; hence, we designed the product cautiously to ensure your baby’s safety.
2. Benefits on baby’s skin: Maintains the ideal moisture of baby’s skin, gives refreshing feel after bath and protects baby’s delicate skin from having rashes.
3. Benefits of rice starch: It contains natural rice starch, castor oil to protect the skin, and zinc oxide to repair the rashes. It is very mild on their skin.
4. Does not block skin pores: It plays an essential role in not clogging the skin pores, giving proper air circulation, and ensuring a breathable atmosphere.
5. Vegetarian origin: It is entirely derived from vegetarian products ensuring better safety as a baby powder.
6. Completely safe for baby’s skin: It is dermatologically tested

It is said that a mother loves her home when it smells of the powder because she feels closer to her baby. As a new mother, you expect to give your baby the best, and we are here to take care of that. Every product that our company manufactures ensures all safety regulations. Every product has its uniqueness, and so does the baby talcum powder. It is made of vegetarian products and guarantees a complete shield to your baby’s skin.

Product description
Chicco is one of the largest baby care brands in the world. With the experience of over 60 years, it offers a wide range of baby products in nursing, baby toiletries, toys, travel, and fashion categories.
● The Chicco baby powder must be sprinkled on the hand then gently applied to the clean and dry skin of the baby. The nappy change moment can also be added by the gentle baby body wash to clean the body.
● The delicate skin and the parts of the body may develop rashes making it painful for the baby. Chicco baby talcum is developed using only vegetarian products and natural products such as rice starch and castor oil.
● Avoid contact with eyes as it may probe danger to the tender eyes of the baby. Thus the powdering must be done with hyper care and caution.
● Dermatologically Tested and freed from parabens, SLS, SLES, dyes, alcohol, and soap to ensure maximum gentleness on the baby’s delicate skin. Safe for everyday use.
● Chicco talcum powder is as tender skin may be easily prone to infections and allergies.

Benefits of Chicco talcum powder:-
● Rice Starch:- Rice starch is a special natural ingredient which does not clog baby’s skin pores and very healthy alternative that is mild on the baby’s skin. It has multiple uses and in high demand after the benefits are proven.
● Zinc oxide:- Zinc oxide is creates of protective barrier that protects sensitive skin and also prevents rashes. It is another reason why you should be choosing baby powder for your new-born baby.
● Castor oil:- Castor oil is a natural moisturizer, and it holds the property of non-inflammatory effects. It also prevents fungal infections on the skin.
● Talcum baby powder is extracted from various mineral talcs, magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. It absorbs the moisture on the skin and reduces skin-on-skin friction. Without this, there can be a high risk of normal rashes and diaper rashes. The added fragrance in the powder, also called baby scent, makes the smell lively and holds the freshness of the powder.
● Chicco talc powder is dermatologically tested and completely safe for your little one.

We ensure the total safety of a baby and the parents. Therefore, we feel obliged to serve you products made of natural origins. Taking care of you and your little one is our top-most priority.

● Make sure you put the baby in a sleeping position.
● Remove the Nappy and use the cleansing wipes by Chicco and apply the Nappy cream if available.
● Sprinkle the talcum powder onto your hand and gently apply the powder to the baby’s body and the nappy area.
● Make sure the powder is not inhaled, and the eyes are closed.
● Dust the excess powder and re-wear the diaper.
● Be carefree as Chicco talcum 150 g will take care of your baby.

Good to know:
Every day, we work with utmost effort to uphold our commitment and guarantee of quality and safety. In the design, development, and production phases, we strive to not only meet, but to surpass, the most stringent standards, and we provide ongoing after-sales assistance. The chicco talcum is one such product which makes parents’ lives easier. We encourage responsible innovation by promoting and actively participating in the creation of future quality and safety regulatory standards.
Being a parent, like many wonderful things in life, takes a lot of effort and might feel like a rocky road at times.
Chicco tries to make this great trip a bit easier for parents and parents-to-be by listening to their needs. However, we want to take it a step further and promote the concept of parenting, which encompasses a larger support system of people who care for children in various ways. We are by the side of anyone caring for a child wherever they are.

Weight 150 g