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Foxtale Super Glow Moisturizer for Instant Brightening

  • FORMULATED WITH NANO VITAMIN C: Twice as effective as regular Vitamin C and much smaller in size, Nano Vitamin C goes into deeper layers of skin to brighten it up from within.
  • GLOWING SKIN FROM FIRST USE: The Super Glow Moisturizer is formulated using Nano Vitamin C, Encapsulated Peptides, and Niacinamide to give you visibly brighter skin from the first use itself.
  • REDUCES PIGMENTATION: 2X more efficacious, this moisturizer lightens dark spots, visibly reduces pigmentation, and prevents recurring spots too. It also helps in preventing your skin’s youthful radiance.
  • EVENS SKIN TONE: This moisturizer is perfect for smoothening out uneven texture. Its formulation goes into the deeper layers of the skin to improve collagen production and strengthen the skin’s barrier.
  • LONG LASTING HYDRATION: It is packed with Squalane which is well-known for its moisturizing properties. The Super Glow Moisturizer not only gives you long-lasting hydration but helps nourish and protect your skin’s barrier too.
  • SAFE AND ETHICAL INGREDIENTS: The Super Glow Moisturizer is Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sulfate Free, and Dermatologically Tested. It has Nano Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and Encapsulated Peptides which makes it a power-packed combination for a visibly luminous glow.