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Nivea Pure Talc – 400g

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Take your personal care to the next level by using a good talcum powder. Using a good talcum powder can make a big difference to your body odour and will also make you feel fresh. A lot of your skin issues will be solved by using this Pure Talc from Nivea. For all those men and women longing for that beautiful fragrance on their body, this Pure Talc will be their apt choice. The Nivea Pure Talc will comfort you during summers and will help you get rid of your sweat. Also, this Talcum Powder will reduce the problem of rashes and chafing on your skin. Most athletes use a powder before they wear their sports suit and this will help them reduce discomfort and bad body odour.

Besides absorbing the moisture from your skin, this Nivea Talc will leave your skin soft and smooth. Summers can be extremely uncomfortable, when you feel hot and sticky you can apply this Pure Talc and comfort yourself. Additionally, this Talc can be applied at night to give you that comfortable sleep during those humid days and you are sure to get that pleasant body odour. You are sure to feel refreshed throughout the day with this Talcum Powder. After you get back from your morning workout take a soothing shower and apply this Nivea Talcum Powder and you are sure to fall in love with your skin all over again. You can now get that beautiful skin with this talcum powder.

Direction Of Use –

Gently apply this talcum powder on your body.

Weight 400 g