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Pilgrim -Australian Tea Tree Light Non -Only moisturizer

  • ✅NON-OILY FORMULA : It’s a myth that acne-prone skin needs no moisturizing! In fact, excess oil on your skin may just be a cry for more hydration. That’s why the Tea Tree Moisturizer fits right in your acne-prone skincare routine.
  • ✅TEA TREE FOR ACNE : Australian tea tree fights acne and reduces the occurrence of breakouts with its powerful antibacterial properties. A super lightweight moisturizer that minimizes acne blemishes!
  • ✅MOISTURIZES OILY AND ACNE-PRONE SKIN : CICA also draws in water to the top layers of the skin and keeps it nicely moisturized. Crafted with Hyaluronic acid that pulls in moisture from the air and draws it in to provide the hydration it needs.
  • ✅HYDRATING MOISTURIZER TO FIGHT ACNE : Hydration-boosters like hyaluronic acid and CICA, moisturizes while still being lightweight.Formulated with actives for blemishes, dark spots and uneven skin tone – especially useful to minimize acne marks.
  • ✅FIGHTS ACNE : Tea Tree and CICA strengthen the skin barrier, heal pimples and control oiliness. Also helps soothe inflamed skin.
Weight 80 g