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SHILLS-Shiny Top Coat (15ml)


Shills Professional Shiny Top Coat (15ml) is a high-quality nail polish that provides a glossy and durable finish to your manicure. It protects your nails from chipping, cracking, and fading while enhancing the colour and shine of your chosen polish. Shills Professional Shiny Top Coat (15ml) is easy to apply, fast-drying and long-lasting. It is suitable for all nail types and occasions, whether you want a casual, elegant, or glamorous look. Shills Professional Shiny Top Coat (15ml) is the perfect choice for professional and home use.

A shiny top gel is made of natural resin and healthy ingredients, which makes it safe, non-toxic, low odour, and low irritation, which reduces damage to your nail health. This top coat gel polish is designed to add a brilliant shine and lasting gloss to your manicure. The high-quality formula enhances the vibrancy of your nail colour while providing a protective layer that resists chipping and fading.

Weight 15 g