Johnson’s Baby Soap

And in whatever we do, we work towards crafting experiences that are best for your baby.

We at JOHNSON’S care for your little ones. While normal soap bars are fine for adults, baby soap is different! We understand that a new born’s skin comes with a natural protective coating of moisturizing oils that cover their skin’s outer layer. Wash away that oil and you might leave their tender skin vulnerable to dryness, irritation and rashes. That is why we recommend JOHNSON’S soap for babies around the world!

Specially enriched with 1/4th moisturizing baby lotion & Vitamin E, it helps preserve the moisture and keeps the baby’s skin soft. This makes it one of the best baby care soaps you can gift your new-born! Additionally, this baby bath soap also helps retain essential protective layers, it’s a safe soap for baby. The baby soap gives a rich creamy lather that gently cleanses and helps maintain healthy skin. Rinses easily! The JOHNSON’S baby soap bar is milder than other soaps for babies, for we know that your little one’s delicate skin needs the best care!

Mums trust JOHNSON’S. Always Mild, Gentle and Effective.


Sodium palmkernelate, Sodium palmate, Water, Mineral oil, Fragrance, Glycerin, Titanium dioxide, Dimethicone 200/50, C12- C15 Alkyl benzoate, Disodium EDTA, Stearoxytrimethylsilane, Stearyl alcohol, Tocopheryl acetate, Hydrolyzed milk protein


For your baby’s soft skin, trust JOHNSONS Baby Soap.
Made especially for babies
The JOHNSON’S baby soap is safe
Clinically proven to be gentle and mild on your baby’s skin
Comes with Triple Baby Protection
Enriched with 1/4th baby lotion & Vitamin E
Used by 9 out of 10 pediatricians for their own babies
No parabens & SLS, No Dyes & Alcohol used


With warm water and a soothing touch, bath time is a wonderful time to bond with your baby!
The JOHNSONS Baby Soap bar cleanses gently, so you can use it anytime you bathe your baby.
Lather the soap on your hand and gently apply it to your baby’s skin.
Rinse off.
Dry and snuggle.