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Mamaearth Milky Soft Shampoo


Gently Cleanses Skin

Balance Scalp PH

Leaves Skin Soft & Smooth

Gently Cleanses Hair

Splish splash, it’s your munchkin’s bath time. Cleanse your baby’s scalp and hair gently, keeping them healthy. Don’t worry about spill-ups either as the shampoo is tear-free. So, say goodbye to tears and say hello to clean and fresh-smelling hair.

Balances Scalp pH

Flakey and itchy scalp don’t stand a chance with safe and gentle Milky Soft Shampoo! Oat Milk and Calendula come together to nourish the scalp after every wash, leaving you with a happy baby who loves bath time.

Leaves Hair Soft & Smooth

Hair as soft as a feather and as smooth as silk! All thanks to the nourishing and conditioning natural ingredients present in the Milky Soft Shampoo. Say hello to your baby’s healthy, bouncy and silky hair.

Weight 400 g