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SHILLS-Soak Off UV Led Dehydrator


This Dehydrator is applied to the unpolished nail. Dehydrate is great to reduce nail oil situation to create a strong foundation Use the Gel Nail Dehydrate for an acid-free nail base for gel application. The nail prep dehydrates natural nails before applying acrylic & gel polish.

Dehydrates the natural nail surface and balances the pH for maximum.

Shills Soak Off UV LED Dehydrator is a product used in the process of applying gel nail polish. It is specifically designed to dehydrate and prepare the natural nails before the application of gel polish. The dehydrator helps to remove any oils or moisture from the nail surface, ensuring better adhesion and longer-lasting results. It is typically applied to the nails using a brush or applicator and allowed to dry before proceeding with the gel polish application. The dehydrator is compatible with both UV and LED lamps, allowing for quick and efficient drying. By using Soak Off UV LED Dehydrator, you can the longevity and durability of your gel manicure, ensuring a professional finish.

Weight 15 g