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Biotique-Morning Nectar Nourish & Hydrate Moisturizer-190 ml


Ayurveda Skin Life Source The Sanskrit translation of Nectar is ‘Amrita’. Amrita literally means the elixir of beauty & immortality. Combined with 21st-century biotechnology, MORNING NECTAR Nourish & Hydrate Moisturizer gives you visibly flawless beauty. Prevents dark spots, blackheads, uneven skin tone & blemishes. Leaves skin visibly brighter. Also Contains Honey, Wild Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Neem Leaves & Ginger.


As the name suggests, Biotique Morning Nectar Moisturizer is all things, and everything related to impeccable and Flawless, it deeply moisturizes the skin and removes all the dryness to give a smooth and radiant finish.

The Biotique moisturizer is easily absorbent, and its lightweight formulation helps prevent dark spots and blemishes. For skin-nurturing benefits, the moisturizer is infused with Nectar that helps in smoothening the skin texture and improving skin tone. Furthermore, Wild Turmeric helps in brightening the skin with its antioxidant properties and lastly, Ashwagandha helps in retaining natural moisture.

This Biotique Moisturizing Cream is also packed with Ayurveda and has 100% natural botanical extracts. It is free from harmful chemicals and dermatologically tested to suit every skin type.

For truly visible and flawless results, one can start the skincare routine with our range of Morning Nectar products; Morning Nectar Face Wash, toner, serum, and Moisturizer.

Weight 190 g