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Minimalist Serum for Repairing Damaged Hair – 50 ml

  • A new Patent Pending combination of Maleic Acid, Tranglutaminase and Amino Acids in potent concentration of 5% that repairs weak and damaged hair bonds (caused by UV exposure followed with mechanical stress, heat styling, coloring, & treatment like straightening) and protects hair from further damages
  • A pre-shampoo, hair repair serum that has proven combination to repair damaged hair bonds. One of a kind formulation that has shown to increase tensile strength of hair, hence reduce breakage & make hair healthy
  • Formulated with Argan Oil, Squalane, and Coconut Oil that not just moisturizes but also reduces frizz & adds softness and shine to the hair
  • Infused with Vitamin E, Beta Carotene and Carrot Root extract to further help improve overall hair health
  • All ingredients are sourced from leading suppliers – Maleic Acid (Merck, Germany)
Weight 50 g